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Encouraging Good Eye Health For Kids

As children get older, there are many changes in the way that they view the world. In some cases, the changes stem from the way that their eyes change and alter throughout the process of growing. Even if parents feel that a child's eyes are healthy, it is important to visit a pediatric optometrist and check on a child's vision regularly.

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Why Visit a Pediatric Eye Doctor in Ashburn?

Growing is a process that changes a child's body and mind. In most cases, a child's vision also changes as he or she grows and develops. When a child in Ashburn, VA shows signs of visual complications or concerns, he or she needs to visit a pediatric eye doctor to evaluate potential eye health concerns.

Poor vision impacts a child's ability to learn in school and can result in misdiagnosed learning disabilities that specifically stem from a child's difficulty seeing a board. Even in early childhood, a toddler's eyes develop and change from the way that they saw during infancy. They fine tune their eyes to see colors, shapes and objects. Through an eye exam, our doctor will determine when a child needs corrective glasses and when a problem stems from more complex health concerns.

Visiting a kids eye doctor starts when children are young and parents have any concerns about their vision. Since children need to learn to interpret and use their visual skills, the problem does not always stem from poor vision. In some cases, a child's problems stem from inaccurate interpretations of the visual stimulus. 

At OptimEYES, we recommend regular visits to a pediatric optometrist throughout a child's early life. Generally, you want to have a child visit an eye doctor at least once per year to keep up with changes to his or her vision over time. A child’s eye test is also important before a child starts school to ensure that he or she can easily see the board and keep up with classes.

Children's Eye Exam at OptimEYES​

The most appropriate time for a child's first eye exam depends on their situation. Parents want to bring a child's eyes to the attention of an eye doctor any time that a child shows signs of poor vision. For example, if a child squints while watching a favorite show or while coloring pictures, then it might suggest a problem with near or far vision. Parents should also bring a child to an eye doctor if he or she shows signs of a lazy eye or begins crossing his or her eyes in an attempt to focus on objects. Otherwise, an exam before starting school will help reduce the risk of complications from vision concerns.

Your child's vision changes over time as he or she ages. Regular visits to our clinic help keep up with these changes. For more details about eye exams or for an appointment, contact us today at (703) 687-4719.